When you first walked into what would be your new home at Spring Garden Apartments in Portland, one of the features you loved was all the storage space. Between the closets and the kitchen cabinets, you felt sure everything would always have a place. As you are beginning to accumulate more things, the storage space is beginning to get a little tight. Here are a couple of tips that will restore order and make opening a closet door less of an adventure.

Closet Organizers

Organizer kits for closets don’t cost a lot of money and they will help you make the most of the space in each of your closets. The nice thing is that the kits do not require you to make any permanent changes to the closet interior. Everything will snap together and fit in position without creating any holes that you have to explain to the landlord later.

The beauty of these kits is that you get to adjust the dimensions for each compartment in the closet so they are perfect for your belongings. They also make it easier to use the space over the top shelf all the way to the ceiling. Once you have the kit in position and return your belongings to the closet, there’s a good chance that there will be a little room left for future purchases.

Storage Under the Bed

What’s happening under your bed right now? If you are like a lot of people, nothing at all. Okay, there are a few dust bunnies beginning to form, but they don’t count.

Just like the rest of your Portland apartment, that space is costing money each month. Right now, it’s not providing any real benefit at all. Why not put it to good use?

Invest in containers that will fit easily under the bed. There are plastic models complete with recessed casters that make it easier to slide them back and forth. Use those containers for clothing you only wear once in a while, holiday decorations, gift items that you buy in advance and plan on using for upcoming occasions, and anything else that won’t fit elsewhere.

Make sure the containers are a manageable size. Measure your mattress and figure out how much storage space is available. You also want to measure and determine the height between the floor and the bottom side of your box springs. Those figures will make it easier to find containers that fit under the bed with no problem.

For example, you might find three or four containers that will fit easily under a queen-sized bed without sticking out. Hide them by purchasing a dust ruffle that goes all the way to the floor. No one has to know what’s under the bed except you.

Your plan is to call Spring Garden Apartments your home for many years to come. During that time, know that you will accumulate more things that need to be tucked away somewhere. Make the most of your space with these two tips and you’ll be on the way to keeping the place tidy and always knowing where to find things when you need them.