An old friend that you haven’t seen in years is coming to Portland OR for a visit. Immediately you extend an invitation to spend the weekend at your place rather than check into a hotel. Once the offer is accepted and the phone call is over, you start to wonder. What will it take to make the place comfortable for your friend? Here are a few tips that will help you get prepared quickly.

Where Will Your Friend Sleep?

Your one-bedroom Spring Gardens Apartment is fine for you, but where will your friend sleep? You would gladly take the sofa but your friend would not want to take over the bedroom. For your part, you aren’t happy about having your friend bunk on the sofa.

An air bed is the solution. Beds of this type can be inflated and deflated with ease. It takes minutes to set up and will be much more comfortable than the sofa. Even if your friend still resists the offer of using your bedroom, the air bed will provide a comfortable place to sleep.

A Little Closet Space is Nice

Even if the stay is only for a couple of days, that doesn’t mean your friend has to live out of a suitcase. Clear some room in the hall closet for things that need to hang on a rod. You can also empty a drawer in the bathroom vanity so your guest has a place to stow toiletries for the weekend.

Stock Up on Goodies

You know your friend well enough to select the snacks, beverages, and the makings for some simple meals that both of you can enjoy. Do the shopping before Friday and ensure the fridge and cupboard are well-stocked. The goal is to ensure your friend can wander into the kitchen and find something good to eat when the mood strikes.

Enjoy the Amenities at Spring Gardens

Introduce your friend to the gym and the sauna available at Spring Gardens. A workout would be good for both of you and nothing is quite as relaxing as spending some time in a sauna.

Plan No More Than a Few Activities

Not every waking moment of the weekend has to be filled with things to do. Identify two or three local events or places to visit that your friend will enjoy. Be flexible with the schedule so there’s always the possibility of doing something else – or nothing at all if that’s what your friend has in mind.

Do Have One Meal Out

At some point during the weekend, treat your friend to lunch or dinner at one of Portland’s local restaurants. Make a list of local eateries featuring different types of cuisine. Once your friend is settled in, it will be easy enough to find out what sort of food he or she wants to try. You can recommend one of your favorites or pick a place that neither of you have ever tried.

Having company for a couple of days is a lot of fun. With a little advance planning, you can make sure your friend feels right at home in your Spring Gardens apartment and may even think about coming back more often.