One of your resolutions for this year was to exercise more and improve your diet. While things are moving along well, are you really using all the resources that are on hand? There’s more to enjoy close to your Spring Gardens apartment in Portland than you realize. Here are some suggestions on how to stay on track with your new healthier lifestyle.

Making Use of the Gym

How many times have you been to the gym in the apartment complex? You’ll find that the space has all the essentials needed to enjoy a solid workout. Whether you are in the mood to work on your glutes, tone the tummy, or increase your upper body strength, there are weights and machines ready for your use.

Plan out a schedule for using the gym at least three times a week. Check out the equipment and put together a routine that ensures you work out for at least a half-hour. In a week or two, you’ll be ready to increase the number or repetitions that you do with each exercise, or add a new one to the mix.

Since the gym is right there in the complex, you don’t have to get dressed, pack a bag for the gym, and drive to a fitness center. Put on your workout clothes in the privacy of your own apartment, grab a towel, and walk over to the gym. Once you finish, it’s back home for a nice hot shower.

Along with working out, going to the gym also provides the chance to meet and get to know some of the other tenants. Who knows? You might make a new friend.

Don’t Forget About the Park

Did you know there is a park within easy walking distance from Spring Garden Apartments. Spring Garden Park is also located on SW Spring Garden Street and is a wonderful open space where you can walk, jog, or do a few simple exercises in the sun. If yoga is part of your fitness regiment, take along a towel, find a quiet spot, and go through your routine.

Keep in mind the park also has a great place for walking dogs. Invite a friend who has a dog to tag along the next time you decide to head to the park. While the two of you walk the pet, you get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and enjoy some conversation at the same time. As with your time in the gym, you will get to know the people who come to the park to walk pets or enjoy some power walking or jogging around the same time of day that you like to go.

Taking care of yourself pays off in a number of ways. As your physical condition improves, you’ll enjoy more endurance, like the way your clothing fits, and even find that your mood seems to be more balanced. Bump your workout to the next level and make more use of the resources you have in the immediate area. Once you get into the habit, the time spent at the park or in the gym will become something you look forward to every day.