There’s a lot to be said for living in an apartment, but there are also some concessions that tenants must make. While homeowners are free to make permanent changes to their properties, people who rent need to find other ways of introducing color into their spaces. The good news is you can bring in as much color into your Spring Gardens apartment in Portland, OR as you like without putting your deposit at risk. Here are some ideas you can start using today.

Think Live Plants

One of the quickest ways to add a dash of color is to invest in live plants. For the best effect, make sure to mix and match your selections. Identify areas in your apartment that are perfect for pots of colorful flowers. Augment them by mixing in some type of live greenery. Remember to choose plants that will thrive in indirect sunlight, especially if the plan is to position some of the pots in spaces away from the windows.

Get Wild With the Art

Not all artwork has to hang on a wall. Have you thought about adding color to the living or dining rooms by purchasing an oversized mural or similar piece of art? Instead of mounting it on the wall proper, it’s possible to lean it against the wall. Consider placing a plant stand on each side as a means of preventing anyone from getting close enough to jostle the artwork. The vibrant splashes of color will instantly boost the visual appeal of the space.

Throw Pillows Work Wonders

The couch may be in a neutral color, but that is actually a plus. Now you can invest in throw pillows in all sorts of colors. Consider purchasing pillows that call to mind different holidays or seasons. It’ll be easy to change the feel of the room by removing those springtime pillows and replacing them with pillows sporting autumn tones.

Something Different For the Bookshelves

Part of your living room decor includes a set of tall bookcases. While they do look nice, have you thought about making them another source of color in the room? An easy way to accomplish this is to add colored panels across the back of each compartment.

The colors can be picked up from other elements you use in the room. Go with a single color if you prefer something more uniform. When the goal is to add color and make the space more eclectic visually, consider using a different panel color in each of the compartments. Once you have your collectibles, books, and other items arranged on the shelves, those dashes of color will make them stand out more than ever.

There are plenty of ways to add color to your Spring Gardens apartment without painting the walls. Take a look around and consider where you can use fabric, artwork, plants, and other ideas to change the somewhat neutral look of the place into something that’s uniquely your own. With a little time and imagination, finding the right combination of solutions will be easier than you think.