When you decided to take that new job in town, there was a decision to make. You could find a house and start the whole process of buying a residential property or you could sign a lease on an apartment. Your choice was to take that excellent unit you saw at Spring Garden Apartments, at least for a year or two. Rest assured you are not the first person to choose this approach. In fact, there are people who would never think of living anywhere other than an apartment. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • No Yard Work

Isn’t it great to look out your window and see a perfectly manicured landscape? Don’t you find the view even more pleasant knowing that you don’t have to deal with the upkeep? That’s what you get by choosing to live in an apartment.

The landlord takes care of mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and making sure the space looks nice. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy it. That means more free time to do whatever you want after working hard all week.

  • Help When the Water Heater Dies

If you own your home, guess who gets to pay for the water heater repair or replacement? That’s right, you have the honor! When you are a tenant in a nice apartment building, there will be an owner or a property manager you can call. They will take care of getting someone out to take a look at the heater and decide if it’s time to replace it. Before you know it, there’s plenty of hot water again and you didn’t have to spend a cent.

  • You Develop a Social Life

Eventually, you’ll get to know some of the other tenants. It may start with passing each other in the front hall or it could be at meetings where the tenants and the property managers get together for chats. Any way you look at it, living in an apartment has the potential to make a few good friends and start building your own social circle somewhere other than online.

  • You Get to Invest More Money

The money you would normally put toward paying property taxes and dealing with general upkeep expenses can go straight into some type of interest bearing account. Think of what you will save over the course of a year and what that can mean for your savings, your IRA, or your personal pension plan. It’s true that you are not building equity in a home and there will be no tax deductions to claim every year, but choosing to use some of the money to build an investment portfolio will still ensure you are financially comfortable in the years to come.

Now is your time to settle into your Spring Garden apartment and see what you think of apartment living. You may find that this type of arrangement is ideal and make plans to stay in that same apartment for many years to come.